Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Applying Blush: Tips & Tricks!

For the longest time I thought I could never pull off blush! I always thought that it looked so nice on other people.. but just looked kind of weird on me. That was only because I was totally clueless as to how to apply it! In the video below I've included some tips for getting a beautiful, flushed cheek. I've gathered tips over the years from friends, family, magazines, makeup artists, etc. and now picking out my cheek color is my favorite part of my makeup routine! Enjoy :)



  1. Hi,

    I just stumbled across your blog and wow - you're great.
    Your tips, especially these for applying blush are great.
    I mean, it's not that I can't apply blush, but I think my technique is quite complicated and takes way too long.

    Thank you for all these great tutorials, I'll definitely try some of these myself.