Saturday, May 28, 2011

Concealing Dark Circles

If you keep up with me on YouTube you've probably already heard about my battle with under eye shadows. If not, the word "zombie" pretty much sums it up. For the longest time the entire process of erasing dark circles was shrouded in mystery for me. I was always told to use yellow or peach concealers for purple or blue-toned shadows. Although these products would cover, they didn't neutralize. My circles would always end up "peeking" through! My only option was to keep piling on more concealer, still leaving me with circles AND the dreaded "cakey" look underneath my eyes. Gah! So frustrating...

Then I was introduced to the world of color correctors...(cue the heavenly music). It's so much easier to experiment with different under eye concealers when you know that complimentary colors (those that are across from each other on the color wheel) can also neutralize each other when it comes to skin imperfections and makeup. I also thought that the half moons under my eyes had to be either purple or blue in color. Wrong again! My circles are actually more of a fleshy, brown color. Since a very cool pink sits across from brown on the color wheel, I started incorporating Benefit's Eye Bright pencil into my concealer routine.

**To make it even more confusing: Since brown is a neutral it doesn't have a precise complimentary color and it can be a variety of blue-based shades. Since my circles are more of a sallow, yellowy-brown, for me that shade becomes a cool violet-pink.**

In the video below I'll show you how I use my Benefit Eye Bright, how I match it to my skin tone, and the rest of my heavy-duty routine for canceling out those pesky under eye shadows!

In the meantime, take a look at the color wheel below to find your perfect concealer shade!!

Products Mentioned in the video:
Philosophy Miracle Worker Eye Cream
Benefit Eye Bright Pencil
MAC Select MoistureCover in NW20
Benefit Powderflage and Coastal Scents Sable Blending Brush

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Smokey "V" Eye Makeup: Easy & Flattering!

The smokey "V" eye is one of my favorite and most-worn makeup looks for day or night, hands down! It's so simple and works with any color combination that you can conjure up. The description speaks for itself - it's an application technique that's all about placing your eyeshadows in a "V" shape in the outer corner of your eye. It instantly gives your eyes flattering lift and definition. I also find that it really enhances your lash line... which is always a bonus!

The idea for the video below was inspired by a popular bareMinerals tutorial kit of the same name. I never purchased the kit but the idea has always stuck with me. So I'm constantly trying to come up with new and improved versions of this look!

Hope you enjoy!


Monday, May 16, 2011

All About Bronzers! (My Faves & How I Apply Them)

It's that time of year again! Sunkissed skin is back in season and I've picked out some of my all-time favorite bronzers to feature in the video below. Here is a list of all of the products mentioned:

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster (drugstore)
bareMinerals Faux Tan
Laura Mercier Dune Bronze Bronzing Powder
Smashbox Fusion Softlights in Baked Starburst

Blushes mentioned:
Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color in Lotus Pink
Illamasqua Blush in Hussy (shown)

Refer to my video if you would like more details about why I love these products so much! I'll also show you my foolproof technique for applying powder bronzer and an accompanying blush! With these simple tips and tricks you'll be well on your way to becoming a bronzed goddess!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Favorite Eyeshadow Primer!!

Although I don't often mention the bland subject of eyeshadow primers in my blog posts and videos, this product deserves not only a mention but it's own review! I love the versatility of the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden. Despite my die-hard dedication to the original formula, Eden provides a great base for my eyeshadows with all of the added benefits of a concealer. It perfectly primes my eyes and brightens my entire lid area all in one step. Below I've included swatches and a video that further details why I love this new potion so much!!


(left: not blended, right: blended)

Makeup Collection & Room Tour!

Since my YouTube channel and beauty blog are almost a year old (so crazy!), I figured it was definitely time to film a tour of my makeup room! You may be wondering why I have a "makeup room" and rightfully so. Well, it just so happens there's a spare room attached to my bedroom, and since we already have a guest room (and our older house is lacking in closet space) Josh and I have moved some of our clothing in there. Lucky for me, I finagled a spot in the corner for my vanity too. ;)

Someday when we own a house I'll be able to go into full-on design mode. But for the time being, I'm focused on trying to find home decor that is budget-friendly and functional at the same time! The decor of my makeup room really centers around the Sloane desk and shelves from Crate & Barrel. I really love them because they're sleek and contemporary, but still provide a ton of storage space! A few of the other pieces in the room include a green botanical-themed oriental rug and large coral chest that I use to store jewelry and other souvenirs from my travels ;) Both of these pieces are hand-me-downs from my landlord and most of the tiny design elements in the room I've found at Michael's, flea markets and antique malls. Just goes to show you don't have to break the bank to create a room that is customized to your taste and budget!

The video below will give you a more detailed view of my room set-up and, of course, my makeup! I'm obsessed with my new clear acrylic drawers from Muji, which can be found on their website or one of their three NYC locations. I love how they allow all of my products to lay flat, so that I can see every bit of my makeup and nothing gets banished to the back of the drawer, never to be seen again..... Not the case with this organizer!

This room set-up has been working well for me, so well that I decided to make it my film room - again! If you've been watching since the beginning you know that I filmed a few videos in this room when I first started my channel. Those videos are pretty embarrassing so I'll just leave it at that. But I'm happy I have a "new" spot to film that's a little more personal and fits my personality. If you'd like to see more check out the video below! Hope you enjoy!