Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunless Tanning With A Brush!

Hey everyone! Since summer has officially begun, I thought I would do a blog post on an appropriate yet touchy subject: self tanning! Although a lot of people embrace the faux glow, it can still be difficult to achieve a streak-free, authentic looking sunless tan. For this reason I love applying Faux Tan by Bare Escentuals! Since it's a tinted self tanner, I can see exactly where I'm applying it which eliminates the threat of streaking altogether! I realize the thought of a tinted self tanner can be scary to some people - completely understandable. However, this is a product unlike any others that I've tried. In the video below I explain why I think this sunless tanning product is so innovative, and also demonstrate how I apply it with a body brush. I love this application method because I never have to touch the product! That means absolutely no orange palms :) In the video below I'll give you a mini demonstration of how I apply Faux Tan sunless tanner and do a quick run-through of my self tanning routine.


  1. were did you buy it?i'm from Europe,were do you recomand me buying it,10x:))

  2. Alli, I love your videos and I have to say by far you are my favorite. Love your taste in furniture, jewelry, clothing, and of course makeup.

    This was definitely one of the most informative videos I have watched on YT and although its November, I am so excited to try out a little self tanning this winter.

    I had a horrible experience in high school and was scarred for life, but that was years ago and why not face my fears and get a little glow going? You definitely gave me the courage since you still look very classic and subtle. My biggest fear is looking streaky, cakey and far from natural.

    Thank you for your videos as always. I love your blog.

    - Chelsea

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