Monday, January 23, 2012

My Essential Makeup Brushes

I guess this post is pretty self-explanatory ;)
(All brushes are from Sigma unless otherwise noted)  

Sigmax HD F82, F84, F80
Concealer F70
Large Powder F30
Large Sable Blending Brush (Coastal Scents)
Tapered Blending E40

Duo Fibre F50
Large Angle Contour F40
188 Small Duo Fibre (MAC)

Concealer F70
Large Shader E60
Eye Shading E55
Short Shader E20
Blending E25 (like MAC 217)
Tapered Blending E35
Medium Angle Shading E70
Pencil E30
Small Angle Brush #37 (Studio Gear, avail. at Ulta)
Eyeliner E05
Small Angle E65
Tapered Blending E40 (previously mentioned)


  1. I have those Sigmax face brushes and LOVE them! love your videos :)

  2. You are too cute! I need serious eyebrow help - do you have any expertise in that?!

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