Monday, October 1, 2012

Blog Update & Hair How-To: Bombshell Waves

Hey everybody!  You may have noticed that my blog has a new look!  I was super excited to give it a renovation and I can thank my graphic design background for my constant need to tweak and change the design of my blog and YouTube channel. It's kind of a curse....

However, I've settled on a new, modern look and my YouTube background will be soon to follow. This is just a little taste of what that will look like.  Plus, I really felt the need to make my little piece of Blogger Land more user friendly and hopefully easier on the eyes as well! I'm also excited to let you know that I'll be posting more often and have lots of exciting things in store for my readers here.  I appreciate you all and thank you for continuing to check in with me and all of my beauty ramblings!

So now onto the hair tutorial! I originally started wearing these big, "bombshell" waves to help blend my hair extensions in with my natural hair (I'll be doing another post entirely dedicated to my hair extensions and how I wear and care for them).  Since then it's evolved into one of my favorite styles to wear out at night, when I'm filming or anytime I want to look a little more glammed up.  And the best part is it's easy!

Products Used:

-Scunci large round boar bristle brush (Drugstore)
-Remington blow dryer (Wal-mart)

-Kenra Platinum Hot Spray - Protect & Finish 20 (Ulta)
-Hot Tools 1 1/2 in. Gold Curling Iron (Ulta)
-Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play hairspray (Ulta, all-time fave!)
-Ion Paddle Brush (Sally's)

I hope you enjoy the video tutorial AND the new blog design!


  1. This is adorable! I wish my hair was longer so I could do this look too! Your lucky!



    1. Thank you! You could try it with shorter hair as well, maybe with a smaller curling iron :)

  2. I absolutely love your new blog look! I'm working on updating mine too :)

  3. That's great to hear! Thanks so much for the feedback! :)