Thursday, November 29, 2012

How I Clean & Dry My Makeup Brushes! ♥

Cleaning your makeup brushes can seem like a daunting task. There they are, dirty brushes calling your name. "Alli....Clean Me!" After hours of procrastination you finally give in. Well, that's how it goes for me anyway.  So it may not be the most fun thing but it is definitely very important. Aside from the major issue of sanitation (dirty brushes = dirty skin), clean brushes are just so much more enjoyable and easy to work with.  It keeps them soft and ensures that they hold pigment evenly in the bristles, making for an even layer of application and easier blending. Clean brushes are like a breath of fresh air.  Besides listing all of the reasons why you should take care of your brushes, in the video below I'll show you how I keep my most precious beauty tools squeaky clean.  All you need is a good brush cleaner (I love my MAC Brush Cleanser), some towels and well... a sink! 

*BTW dont mind the weird tan lines in this video.  I self tan and usually it wears off a bit more around my wrists cause I wear bracelets and stuff but the lighting makes it REALLY obvious in this video for some reason lol!  Oh well...enjoy!!


  1. hi alli!!! i subscribed your youtube chanel and i follow your videos all the time... and i adore your hair... please tell me what is your haircolor.. are you dying by yourself or you doing this at salons? is it highlights or balayage please tell me i must knowww!!! :)) you are so preety btw...

  2. I love your tutorials. I've been following your blog for a while now but I don't remember commenting before. How rude is that?

    I was wondering if you've ever talked about which brands of makeup brushes you use. Did you buy a set, or are they kind of random?

    Thanks for all your helpful tips!

  3. First, get a bit of hand soap lathered in between your hands. Rub the brushes softly between your hands to remove the makeup that's gotten stuck to them. Hand soap is all you really need to get the makeup brush cleaner. Just don't rub too hard, or you'll pull the bristles out of the brushes like I did. Rinse the soap out when you're done.