Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Must-Have Winter Accessories

I thought I'd spread the fashion love today by talking about the accessories I've been wearing non-stop so far this season. I think these particular pieces have gotten so much use because they seem to coordinate with a LOT of different looks while still being fashionable and fun. Accessories do a lot to enhance an outfit and, depending on which ones you choose, can totally change the look and feel of what you're wearing. I like to invest in trendy accessories from season to season and pair them with the staple pieces in my wardrobe to create a look that is on-trend without breaking the bank on larger, pricier items. The best part? Most of these accessories came from a recent trip to .... can you guess? TARGET! That place is so dangerous for me....

Burgundy beret, Target - I've been loving rich, wine-hued faux fur vests and pants this season. But, again you don't have to invest a ton of money to rock the oxblood trend. This chunky knit beret incorporates a pop of burgundy and it's one of those no-brainer items that you can grab and go. I also have an infinity scarf in the same color. A piece like this is very doable and commitment-free... not to mention it keeps you warm and toasty ;)

Faux Fur Infinity scarf, Target - This is so versatile and I love how it gives that bohemian feel, just a little more luxurious ;) This scarf is the perfect wintertime accent to any top, sweater or jacket. It can immediately add that "glam factor" to an otherwise run-of-the-mill ensemble.

Metallic Python Envelope Bag, you guessed it, Target! - anytime I wanna dress up an outfit I leave my daytime purse at home and grab a clutch-style bag.  But that doesn't mean they have to be tiny. This oversized metallic python bag is still sleek making it easy to tote around with you. It also adds texture and shine to any outfit and the neutral color means it matches pretty much anything.

*JustFab "Keena" sneaker wedges (October Lookbook) - I've been eyeing the Isabel Marant sneaker wedges for a while but I'm not gonna lie, the price tag makes me cringe. This pair from JustFab is a much more affordable option and a dead-ringer for their high-fashion counterpart. I know this is more of an urban trend and it might not be for everyone. However, I ADORE these because I've been able to pair these babies with so many looks. Jeans, skirts, leopard print, flowey blouses, motorcycle jackets, military jackets... the list goes on and on. They also help to elongate your legs while still keeping your overall look casual and sporty.

 H&M studded belt - Just because, well... I love studs. A trendy belt always comes in handy. Wear it with a dress to add a metallic accent or belt an oversized shirt or sweater to take it from slouchy to structured with one little accessory.

Rhinestone spike earrings, Charming Charlie (I have a blog post all about this magical place) - I've always been drawn to gold jewelry and geometric accents so naturally these earrings have been my go-to. I just love how over-the-top and fierce they are.

Mint Green watch, Target - There's nothing wrong with incorporating some color into your look, any time of the year! Especially since winter clothes can get sooo serious sometimes. This candy-colored watch by the "Xhilaration" brand makes me happy when I look at it and for $15 it totally works within any budget.

Here's a look at how I recently paired some of these items together:

Thanks for checking out this post and pardon my somewhat amateur-ish photographs. I'm relatively new to fashion blogging ;P You can expect another beauty-related post from me later today!


  1. I started using a clutch for going out .. who wants to drag a big o'l purse out to dinner .. not me :-P


    1. Haha! I know and people are always bumping into it ;)

  2. Love love love that mint green watch, it's so cute!!! You have great taste, those wedge trainers are faulous ♥

  3. Nice accessories! I love the mint green watch and the faux fur scarf ♥
    xoxo~ Amandine

  4. So cute!
    I can't wait to see more fashion-related posts. =)

  5. It's true,a nice sparkling clutch/bag gives an edge even to the most casual outfit.Al things are very pretty :)!XO

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