Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Week in Instagram Photos

This week was spent trying to catch up on work and makeup-y goodness before the craziness of the Thanksgiving holiday ensues. One of my most successful ventures was a little trip to Target, which I might add is a very, very dangerous place for me.  A few weeks back I donated three huge garbage bags of old clothes, some items I had shamefully been hiding in the back of my dresser drawers since high school. It was time. It felt like a huge weight was lifted after I dropped off the donated clothing and what was even better, I now had a scarily significant amount of space for new stuff in my half-empty closet! Check out the Outfit of the Day Instagram pic below to see the the great accessories I found on my little shopping trip...

Found this old pic of me getting my art on.

A screencap of me filming my latest Ulta Haul (I got some good stuff, have you seen it?)

Just because I love dog noses.  My Dad sent me this epic photo of my parent's dog, Edie.

Look who snuck into this picture! That's my cat, Biscuit, by the way ;)  Here is a look at some of those Target finds: a faux fur infinity scar, metallic envelope clutch and my beloved mint-green watch ($15!).

This is a peak at the tutorial I currently have in the works,  I think I might actually re-film this one to get the colors just right. It needs a bit more holiday "pizazz".  But hey, at least its a nice close up of my new favorite watch! lol.

My blog wasn't very busy this week so I think this weekly post is a great way to keep you guys updated on what is going on with me. Thanks for checking back and hope your Monday isn't too manic ;)


  1. Target is a dangerous place for me as well .. they have so much good stuff!


  2. Gorgeous pictures!

  3. Oh,such a nice outfit :)!One of the reasons I decided to follow you,is definitely your fashion style.Very nice and so well put together!Oh,btw,drugstores are dangerous for me,too.The one I like to go to is DM,but it's just here in Europe.But,it's fun :)!
    Have a good week and happy Thanksgiving.XO

  4. I didn’t take, my reflection in my dirty bathroom mirror, my work desk and a running commentary on Supernatural, cos that’s pretty much all I watch at the moment.. well that and Big Brother. I feel more accepted than I ever have!! instagram likes on facebook