Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sigma Performance Eyes Kit *First Impressions*

This post was originally meant to be a "beauty wish list" blog post, but I was finally able to try out the *Sigma Performance Eyes Kit and give a mini-review and my first impressions! This kit is made up of eight brushes specifically designed for precise application of cream and powder products, and as always the packaging was as beautiful as the brushes themselves.

I've been testing them out for about a week and I've already noticed how convenient they are when doing colorful looks. You can easily pack on color in precise areas without them all blending together and looking muddy, which can happen when using a "clunkier" brush. I immediately thought of all the holiday looks I could do with these babies... the possibilites are endless!

 Although I thought all of the brushes were pretty genius, of course I had a few immediate favorites...

Left to Right:

E46 - Shader - Inner Corner: Apply highlight shades onto the inner corner of the eye. 

E56 - Shader - Lid: Controlled application of  color onto precise areas of the lid.  I'm loving this one for applying color or highlight shades into the inner corner :)

E47 - Shader - Crease: Application of deep shades onto the crease. This one was my favorite in the kit. It makes applying any dark or black eyeshadow completely effortless. I've always loved using my pencil brushes to apply black shadow in the "tiny V" area of the crease but always had to go back with a fluffier brush if I had any harsh lines. The E47 is tiny AND fluffy so it blends as it places the color (magic!) and is perfect for dramatic looks.  I love it!

E36 - Blending: Precise blending of powder products onto small areas of the eye. I've been using this one to apply a glowy, fresh-faced highlight into the inner corner of the eye. I always find that applying a highlight shade with a fluffy brush allows the light to reflect through the pigments in the shadow and the result is instant bright eyes! This one is smaller and a little more "agile" than the brushes I usually use for that which is a nice change.

L to R:

E17 - Waterline Liner: Apply cream or gel liners onto the lower waterline. 

E16 - Tightline Liner: Press gel, cream or liquid products onto the upper lash line.  Fill in the space between lashes.  I haven't been using a lot of cream gel eyeliners lately but I've just purchased a few of the Maybelline Gel Liners in various colors and I can't wait to dip in with these! I used the E16 to tightline my eyes with a powder eyeshadow and it seemed to have a nice reach since it's a bit longer than the waterline liner brush.

L to R:

E11 Eye Liner: Use with gel or cream liner to create detailed and artistic effects. So far I haven't needed the precision of the E11 (this guy is TINY). I could see it being perfect for a dramatic double winged liner look and adding color to the lower lashline.

E21 Smudge: Precise application and smudging of color onto the upper and lower lash lines.  I feel like the E21 is the new and improved version of the E20.  Although I still love that little smudge brush, the one that comes with the Performance Eyes Kit seems to be easier to work with due the the bristles that are a touch longer and more flexible than the E20.  It helps to be able to smoke out the lower lash line to perfection without getting that scratchy feeling that can result from more tightly-packed, natural bristles. My old smudge brush was great for stamping color but I feel the E21 is more ideal for actual smudging. It works beautifully.

I've been pretty excited about trying this set for a while. I just thought it was such a brilliant idea to create specialized brushes geared towards more elaborate looks. However, a bunch of these (like the E21, E56, E47 and E36) have been coming in handy in my every day makeup routine and I've pretty much made them go-to's. And I'm always a fan of any beauty tool that makes my life easier. A few of the more precision-geared eyeliner brushes seem to be more useful if you are doing fairly detailed looks on a regular basis. My first thought was obviously a professional makeup artist or someone who just really, REALLY loves their eyeliner looks ;) Also, I think this kit would be extremely beneficial to someone with smaller eyes or hooded lids and the smaller sizes make them perfect for sultry, smokey eyes!

I'm headed off to visit some friends and family for the infamous Thanksgiving Eve ;) 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoyed my first impressions of the latest brushes to be added to my beauty collection!


  1. These brushes look gorgeous! I've been waiting to find the perfect eye shadows kit and this might be the one.

    Thank you for the honest and detailed review. I think this might be at the top of my Christmas list!

    Happy Holidays and I love your blog

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  2. Thanks so much I'm glad you enjoyed the review!! Hope you have a great holiday too!

    -Alli xoxo

  3. Thanks for the great review!

  4. great review.I am a complete newbie to eye makeup and am building my brush collection. I am looking for a brush that will be useful to place more than one color on the eyelid which of these would u recommend - E56.? can't E 30 or a small round brush be used to place more than one color on the eyelid? I am also liking 47 after reading ur review. please suggest.

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