Thursday, January 10, 2013

HOW TO: 3 Twist Braid Hairstyles

It's no secret that I love braided hairstyles! It's a fun way to add some chunky texture to your hair or extend your style by keeping those face-framing pieces out of your way when you don't have time to shampoo. As pretty and unique as these types of looks can be, they can also seem a little daunting. So I wanted to share my biggest tip for making it easy peezy... use two sections instead of three! It technically means that braid has now become a twist, but it also means that you don't have to juggle tons of sections and it's super quick and easy! Plus, it looks just like a braid - and if you won't tell, I won't ;)

Since everyone has different taste, I included 3 different ways to rock this look: A milkmaid-esque headband twist, a retro twist braid with LOTS of volume and a laid back "bohemian" twisted ponytail. I used my favorite volumizing comb from Sally Beauty to achieve all three looks. It does the same thing as a teasing comb without all of the knots and damage to your hair. It's my FAVE. 

I also used a few other tools that you may already have at home:

-Hot Tools 1 1/2 inch gold curling iron (Ulta)
-Goody mini and jumbo claw clips, clear hair ties, "blonde" hair ties and bobby pins (Drugstore)
-Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play hairspray

Don't forget to check out the video tutorial and remember, I'm not a professional hairstylist so if I can create all 3 of these looks in a 13 minute video... so can you!!  Well... not at the same time of course but you know what I mean ;)

I hope you all are having a great week and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great tutorial. I really like the first and second look. The first one would be perfect on 2 day old (or 3 day old) hair :P. Definitely gonna try that one out.


  2. So cute Alli!!

  3. I love these! simple and pretty xx

    xoxo elín

  4. nice Blog :-)

  5. Wonderful tutorial! I would definitely love this kind of hairstyle more new hair cut styles

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