Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Hair Care/Blow Drying Routine & A BIG HAUL!

Hi everyone! Recently it occurred to me that I haven't talked about the subject of hair care in a longggg time. So much has changed in my routine and I've finally reached a "good place" with my hair, which is kind of a big deal considering I absolutely despised it for the majority of my life. I spent most of my high school and college years trying to fight my natural texture which is very dry, limp and frizzy - great combo ;) I tried to change it with heat and lots of it! This led to the obvious: a vicious cycle that only damaged my locks more and more. It was only about two years ago that I finally decided to wave the white flag and give up the never-ending battle of trying to make my hair something that it wasn't. I changed my thinking about hair care all together. Instead of trying to make it look good I focused on keeping it healthy, which in turn made my hair look better than I ever could've imagined because it WAS healthy.  

I've reached the point where it will hold pretty much any style I want it to and it's soft, shiny and manageable. If you would have told me that five years ago I never would have believed you. And I have to say, it's just one less thing I have to stress about which is always nice! In the video below I'll show you the products that have helped keep my blonde hair healthy and show you my blow drying routine - which also took me years to master. Just a late bloomer I guess ;)

OH and don't forget to check out my latest drugstore makeup haul that I've also included in this post. It features lots of brand spankin' new products and some first impressions!

Hair Products Mentioned:
- Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Strong Lengths shampoo (drugstore)
- Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint cleansing conditioner (Sephora or online)
- Matrix Sleek Look Conditioner and Extra Intense Conditioner (Ulta)
- Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Boost root lifter (Ulta)
- L'ANZA Healing Strength Neem Plant Silk Serum (Ulta or professional salons)
- Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum (Ulta)
- Wide tooth combs, Ion paddle brush, and natural boar bristle round brush (Sally's)
- forgot to Mention my favorite hairspray!! Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play
- Remington Blow Dryer (Wal-Mart)
- Hot Tools curling irons (Ulta)
- Remington Wet 2 Straight flat iron (Wal-Mart)

What are some of your holy grail hair care products?


  1. Wow, What a great video representation. I Want to say that every body has to watch the video. Best hair care products

  2. I use the Revlon "Nearly Naked," and I love it! It is buildable, so you can have more coverage in certain areas if needed. A little bit goes a long way. I haven't used the powder, but I do use CoverGirl translucent powder to set my foundation. The coverage is great, and it lasts until you take your make up off, unlike so many other products.

  3. Nice post. Your video representation is great. I want to say one thing that I have curly hair too. I want something product about hair care that will keep my hair from tangling throughout the day.

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  5. Hi Alli. Thank you so much for this post. My hair is almost identical to yours in type/texture and I've been having some issues with it lately...mostly from trying out different products to see what I like..enter hair that feels and looks like straw. I've been thinking about using the Wen for some time now. Would you mind telling me how long you have been using it? I have also recently bought the L'anza serum and just love it. It's working it's magic on my tired hair. Also love the Clear Shampoo and conditioner (and have recently gone back to it), but I use the one for color treated hair. For as inexpensive as it is, it's pretty amazing stuff.


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  8. I pet your video, and that i would conjointly like to see a lot of vlogs from you within the future!
    Thank you such a lot for the tips! I’m such as you, I don’t wish to use several merchandise, and that i tend to stay my hair natural each day! And in reality I conjointly do the two hairstyles you showed North American nation, and a few times even a coffee hair style, particularly currently that it’s summer, and really hot outside!