Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Naturally Pretty" ♡ Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

This year for Valentine's day I thought I would create a look using mostly natural, neutral shades from the Urban Decay Basics palette (LOVE!). But no Valentine's Day makeup would be complete without pink, right? In this tutorial I decided to go for some hot pink shadow in an unexpected place to give this look a hint of rosiness and that "blushing" look. I think hot pink eyeshadow can be worn in a natural way in the same way that a hot pink blush can give you that youthful glow. The trick? Use a small amount on a fluffy brush and blend it over some neutral brown shades, it will dilute the color and help it to blend.  Top it off with some flirty liquid liner and you have a modern take on an ultra-femme look. Don't forget to watch the video tutorial included in this post to see the techniques step by step!

Products Used:

*Sigma Persuade eyeshadow base  //  Urban Decay Naked Basics palette
NYX Retractable waterproof eyeliner in White  //  Wet n Wild "Spoiled Brat" eyeshadow trio (hot pink shade)
Milani Eye Tech liquid eyeliner  //  Loreal Power Volume 24HR Black Smoke mascara

Cargo Medium Matte Bronzer  //  BareMinerals Ready Blush in The Faux Pas
Maybelline Color Whisper "Lust For Blush"  //  Maybelline Vivid lipstick "Pink Pop"

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

January Makeup & Beauty Favorites! ♥

Hi guys! I'm so excited to share with you all of my beauty obsessions from the month of January! I feel like there's so many products that I haven't had a chance to talk about yet, one of them being my new go-to concealer and foundation in ONE (foundation routine is on the way!).

I've also really been loving the newest additions to Maybelline's line of lip products, the Vivid lipsticks and Color Whispers. I prefer the Color Whispers to the Revlon Lip Butters and L'oreal Colour Riche balms any day! I love everything about them from the packaging to the weightless, highly-pigmented gel formula. Not to mention, there are a bazillion colors to choose from - think kid in a candy store! My personal favorite has been Lust for Blush, it's the perfect everyday neutral pink. For more about my recent beauty loves, check out the video below!

My Favorites:

- Sally Hansen VitaSurge cuticle gel

- Loreal Power Volume 24HR Black Smoke mascara

- Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal shadow in Barely Branded

- Anastasia Brow Whiz, "Ash Blonde"

- Urban Decay Vice Palette

- Cargo One Base Concealer + Foundation in OB 01

- Maybelline Color Whispers in Lust for Blush and Oh La Lilac

- Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Lipstick in Pink Pop

Monday, February 4, 2013

Current Skin Care Routine for CLEAR Skin!

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm more than a little lazy when it comes to skin care. For the longest time I had the luxury of being able to switch from product to product and try whatever cleanser, scrub or moisturizer I felt like on a whim. I was so spoiled! I never had to worry about my skin breaking out and I based my selections mostly on the specific scent of the product. Grapefruit or Green Tea? Decisions, decisions.

Ah the good ol' days... 

Well, a lot has changed since I last updated you all on my skin care routine. As I explain in the video included in this post I now officially have acne-prone skin, something I never thought I would be dealing with all of sudden and at the age of 26. 

The good news is, I've found some really great products that have helped my complexion do a complete turn-around! Not only that, but my skin is now a lot brighter, smoother and more even in tone than before the whole break out fiasco began! By swapping out a few products in my routine, I've been able to keep pesky blemishes at bay and I can now go about my day without wringing out my tube of concealer ;) 

The main change has been the addition of a little acne treatment system called Proactive into my skin care regimen - you may have heard of it? ;) After going through the three steps twice a day, my break outs began to decrease significantly. Then about two weeks into using the products, I had the worst break out of them all. It seemed to be bringing all of the trapped blemishes to the surface all at once - needless to say it wasn't a pretty sight. But I'm happy to report that after about a week of that craziness, my acne all but completely stopped. My problem areas didn't even taper off gradually. It literally just stopped. Kinda weird but hey, you won't hear me complaining and for the most part I've been blemish free ever since. And relieved I AM because it was rough going there for a while! I'm not claiming that Proactive is a miracle product and the answer to everyone's prayers. In fact, there could have been a lot of other factors at play including the other products I'm using, etc. All I can do is give my experience and let's just say it has earned it's keep for a while ;)

Products Mentioned:
- Proactive Acne Treatment (Cleanser, Toner and Repairing Lotion) - online/mall kiosk
- L'oreal Collagen Moisture Filler SPF 15  
- Lumene Pure Radiance Day Cream SPF 15 
- Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes 
- Almay Oil-Free eye makeup remover pads
- Burt's Bees Intense Hydration night cream w/ Clary Sage
- Olay Fresh Effects Shine, Shine Go Away (shine minimizing cleanser)

Let me know some of your favorite products or at-home treatments for clear skin!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Radiant Aqua Eye Makeup

It's that time of year again - it's the dead of winter but I'm thinking spring! I like to cheer myself up with colorful looks like this radiant, aqua makeup.... even as the snow is still falling outside! So check out the video tutorial below for this wearable blue look sprinkled with the tiniest bit of holographic glitter ;)

Products Mentioned:
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
-Anastasia Brow Duality pencil - Sand Shimmer side
-Revlon Photoready quad in Bohemian
-Maybelline Eye Studio gel eyeliner in Brown
-L'oreal Power Volume Black Smoke mascara
-Khroma Glimmer false lashes

-Cargo Medium Matte bronzer
-NYX Mocha blush
-Maybelline Color Whispers in Oh La Lilac and Lust for Blush