Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Go-To Messy Waves | A Hair Tutorial

In the summertime I have a few go-to hairstyles. When the heat rises I either let my hair air dry, throw it in a topknot bun or put in a little more effort with some beachy, messy waves. The first two styles are pretty self-explanatory: heat-free and easy! But voluminous, laidback waves can be a great summertime choice since, well frankly, the sleek and straight look isn't an option for me with the intense humidity. This style is actually really easy to achieve and - BONUS - also looks great the next day!

My trick to getting perfect summertime waves is to curl the hair in opposite directions. Curling all of your sections the same way can cause your hair to blend together and look like one big wave. Alternate the direction and you'll end up with separated, "piecey" sections. Or, you could just watch the video tutorial to see exactly how I achieve this hairstyle, step by step ;) 

What I Used:
- Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray
- Hot Tools 1" curling iron, I don't use the clamp so if you have a clamp-less wand that will work perfectly!
- Frederic Fekkai Sheer hold hairspray

- Big Sexy Hair POW! Powder Play volumizing/texturizing powder
- volumizing teasing comb


  1. really great tutorial!! <3 <3


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  3. Cute! i LOVE wavy and curly hair!
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    -Jenna <3

  4. You are always beautiful ! :) Are you a model? And your makeup always looks great!! I love them :)

  5. Gorgeous as always. Loving this look. What makeup did you use?

  6. Love how this doesn't look too overdone. What a great look! Thanks for the tutorial!!


  7. great ! i know what i will do !

  8. amazing tip, I have never considered curlign them in opposite directions as I do tend to get that 'one big curl' look. Cant wait to try that :)

  9. Curly hairs look good on almost everyone; they also add volume to hairs, which looks amazing.
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  10. I really need to learn how to do different hairstyles like you can! lol I'm pretty hopeless with hair and wear my hair down and wavy pretty much every day haha! Anyways you are amazing and I love love love your videos!



  11. Nice tutorial, thanks for sharing! :)
    ~Pauline @ MAC Philippines

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